Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Until my husband was sent information about St. Patrick this morning, I hadn't known much, if anything, about St. Patrick. It is fun to wear green and when I was a child and even when I had children at home I really liked to be able to pinch those that forgot to wear green and do it with a smile and get away with it. Now because I am concerned that our children have heroes, I am happy that St. Patrick is now on my list of those that are heroic. I am including the link to the story of St. Patrick. The information is interesting because it is St. Patrick's Day, but it is the story of someone who is dedicated to doing something that was very hard to do. As far as I could tell, he received no praise and adoration for his good deeds at the time. He sacrificed to do what he knew was right. I think those are all traits of a hero.

Here is the link:

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