Saturday, June 12, 2010

Heroes, that is what this blog is about. I have lots of heroes to write about today.

I am reading the book, "The Real George Washington" right now. I am loving every word of this book. George Washington is a real hero. And I knew that, but I guess I needed to be reminded by another hero, Glenn Beck, who has been tirelessly reminding all who will listen that George Washington was a hero, and Benjamin Franklin and all the other founders of our great country. I have been listening to Mr. Beck expound upon the merits of the books he has read and urged me to read also. I listened.....then finally I acted on his urgent suggestion.....and read some if his favorite books. That changed everything! Now I know a little of what I didn't know, but thought I knew. I thought I knew that George Washington was a great man. Now I know that he was a great man. In fact, I agree with the continuation of the title of the above mentioned book, "The REal George Washington: The True Story of America's Most Indispensable Man".

On Fridays Glenn Beck has been teaching about the Founding Father's. I love learning these things that I thought I knew, but didn't know. Mr. Beck has also challenged any and all who will listen, to have at least one parent stay home with the children this summer and teach the children about the Founding Fathers and the truth about how our country came about. He has been helping us get our information from good sources, which is pretty important these days.

The next hero, or heroine I want to tell you about is the woman that after reading "The 5000 Year Leap" decided that she was going to do her part to help re-energize, re-invigorate, re-educate as many Americans as possible, with a special emphasis on the children. The web page that is referenced below will give you enormous amounts of information for you to learn, but especially for your children and grandchildren to learn. She has made available the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights as well as much more information, lots of challenges for adults to get involved in but I think it is even more important that she even has contests and special programs for the kids to participate in. They can even win things:)

I am very excited about this summer that I am concentrating on re-educating myself on the events and people that helped bring about the birth of our nation. I'm enthused about our Founding Fathers, about learning about people that were inspired and courageous, dedicated and self-sacrificing. I learned today, as I was reading, of events that were what George Washington called divine acts of Providence. I call them miracles. I think it is important to know that God had a hand in the events that led to the birth of this nation. And I am excited to learn about the people that were faithful enough for Him to work through to get the job done. Heroes.

If I had children at home, we would be going on field trips, we would be making Liberty Bells out of clay, we would study the picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware. See what we think he is thinking. What are the other men in the boat thinking. We might rent an old, old black and white movie about one of the Founding Fathers or some other national hero. We might go ride horses to see what it felt like for Paul Revere to ride all night to warn the people that the British were coming. So many things to do. So much to learn and only a couple of months to do it in.

I did have one summer that the children and I had a little summer school just for our family. We got our new Encyclopedias out and learned about whatever we were excited about that day. We had our school in the mornings until after lunch, then the kids would have the afternoon to play with friends. That was my favorite summer of all time. I wish I had made it a tradition, but I am grateful for that one amazing summer:)

This is my summer of heroes and heroines. My goal is to read "The Real George Washington", "The Real Benjamin Franklin" and "The Real Thomas Jefferson". I just finished "The 5000 Year Leap", but I am counting that as one of my "Hero Summer" books:)

If I hadn't acted on Glenn Beck's suggestion to read, I would have been wringing my hands and worrying about world events and the condition of our country. Now I am doing something. I am educating myself and learning that the heroes of two hundred plus years ago had serious problems. As Historian Douglas Southall Freeman wrote, "To have called [Washington's] situation desperate would have been to brighten the picture." We are in troubled times also, but we can learn about their times and take courage. We can educate ourselves and our children so that we can be the heroes that are needed in our day.